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Continuing in the fine tradition of Blisstronica ONE, & TWO Winnie Banov continues to launch bliss bombs for all who are thirsty. Set to fun high-energy dance music, this Holy Ghost inspired "truth-techno" CD will send you into intoxicating orbits of bliss.

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Day 2 Georgian & Winnie Banov teaching at Joshua School / Life Center Harrisburg, PA


Day 1 of Winnie Banov's Road School - taking young American and Gypsy men and women throughout the Eastern European countryside to Evangelize to the Gypsies of Eastern Europe

Written by Co-Co

Ingenious! Winnie Banov (pen name Co-Co) tackles one of the most difficult chapters in the New Testament with a humorous yet cleverly profound approach. Through her refreshingly unique perspective, she asks one simple galvanizing question: 'Who was the Apostle Paul really talking about when he painted the character portrait of this man?' Have we just been confused by a simple case of mistaken identity? Her easy to understand one-liners are intended to provoke both the teacher and the serious student of the Word to re-evaluate a very complex Biblical issue.